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There are some key differences between a design-build company like Sustainable Design Build and a traditional General Contractor. However, at our core, SDB operates just as a general contractor would – someone who is responsible for overseeing a construction project. But as a design build, SDB offers more benefits to clients in a singular package.

As a homeowner or a property owner, do not be dissuaded by the term of Design Build. Any project requiring construction to be completed safely, on time, and according to code is well within Sustainable Design Build’s capabilities. SDB can start a project from design and bring it to completed construction or can pick it up after an architect has left off with approved plans.

What does a general contractor do?

A general contractor is a person or company that is responsible for directing and completing a construction project. Essentially, they are a project manager who selects subcontractors and other companies to perform the various trades needed to complete a project. A general contractor will also act as the mediator between the property owner and the subcontractors. For example, if a homeowner wants a specific luxury custom finish for their kitchen, the general contractor will convey that information to the subcontractors and ensure that it is completed within the project scope. 

What does a general contractor do before construction?

A general contractor will take the reigns on a construction project AFTER approved building plans are made. This means a site development plan, architectural set, structural plans, and so on are needed. Some general contractors can offer advice on how to navigate but ultimately will refer clients to work with references. After those requirements are meant:

  • A general contractor will receive the building plans and obtain bids from subcontractors on the necessary trades required for the project.
  • The general contractor will collect bids for the construction budget and estimate
  • Presents construction estimates to clients

What does a general constructor do during construction?

After working with the client and confirming certain details with architects, city officials, and so on the general contractor will oversee the construction:

  • Overseeing all trades and projects with the construction
  • Schedule and manage trades or subcontractors
  • Manage delays, change orders, and navigate complications

The general contractor’s job during construction is straightforward, keep the project moving toward completion. The general contractor is responsible for overseeing the progress and managing the subcontractors involved to ensure the project is completed fully and on time.

What is the difference between a design build vs a general contractor?

A design build company also performs the same functions as a general contractor so the question lies, “what is the difference between a design build vs. a general contractor? While a design build and a general contractor share the same responsibilities of completing a construction project through management, the delivery of the actual construction of a project. A general contractor will only be concerned with the construction of a project through bidding subcontractors and management. A design build company will manage the design of a project AND its construction. The general contractor only manages a construction project after the design phase and follows the specifications made by engineers and architects.

This distinction is where design build companies truly shine when performing a larger-scope construction project. The design build company will be privy to all the inner workings of a job through its management of architectural, engineering, and site plans. This in theory allows the design build company the time to flex their experience and know-how to benefit a client. For example, a project could be spared immense costs by replacing an unnecessary steel support beam with an equally functional wooden support beam with virtually no trade-off in structural soundness. Small suggestions like this can help a client’s project achieve its deadlines, budget goals, and aesthetics.

What does a design build company do?

To summarize, a design build company does everything a general contractor does. With the added ability to manage a construction project from start to finish; design to construction. Sustainable Design Build is not just for homeowners and property owners looking to build brand new construction. 

What does a design build company do before construction?

Some additional items that a design build company does before a construction project are:

  • Work with an architect or design architectural plans in house 
  • Collaborate with structural engineers, soil engineers, city officials, and departments
  • Submit plans for a building permit
  • Coordinate the client’s wants and needs in the plans
  • A general contractor will receive the building plans and obtain bids from subcontractors on the necessary trades required for the project.
  • The general contractor will collect bids for the construction budget and estimate
  • Presents construction estimates to clients

Why choose a design build company for a general contractor’s job?

Sustainable Design Build can assist with the construction that many would seek general contractors for. Home addition projects, pop top additions, whole home remodels, luxury custom home finish projects – SDB is capable of jumping in right after the interior design phase or the permitting process after a client has architectural plans in hand. A design build firm will have all the necessary equipment, employees, and licensing to perform any construction project.

Simply put, SDB can be your choice builder at any stage, with our years of experience building in Denver SDB is the perfect general contractor or design-build firm for your construction project.

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