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The Construction Industry


" As we have mentioned on here before, Accessory Dwelling Units are coming back into the market offering homeowners an attractive method to generate additional wealth and unlock value within their homes. The Chaffee Park Neighborhood Association here in Denver is...

The Construction Industry

Accessory Dwelling Units in Colorado

 Accessory Dwelling Units are coming back into the market offering homeowners an attractive method to generate additional wealth and ease Colorado's Urban Housing Crisis. According to The Colorado Sun, the popularity of these builds has spiked in this market which...

Construction Progress

1361 Zenobia Sold

Hello all of Sustainable Design Build Family and Friends! We hope you are enjoying the end of the autumn months as November begins to roll through and onto the holiday season! There is plenty of things to celebrate as the year is slowing coming to close. Of those...

Construction Progress

Welcoming a new Team Member

Hello all SDB Friends and Family! Wow, this year has flown by and so many changes have happened for us here at Sustainable Design Build. Even so, there are still many new projects to look forward to for the coming month! With more work in line for us we have...

Construction Progress

Hello SDB Family and Friends! The Summer has ended but we have made some fun projects as year continues on! SDB has been in charge of various constructions of new playground builds for the community. One of which, Addenbrooke Classical Academy, has been seeking a...

Company News

Zenobia Update 05.29.2019

Hello all! Sustainable Design Build here with a long overdue update on projects! We are moving right into the heat of things as we get closer to summer. Our latest new home build at 1365 Zenobia St. has only two units available left on the market. Units 1361 and...

Construction Progress

Investor Update Dec. 5th, 2018

Season's Greetings Sustainable Design Build Friends and Family! I hope we are all doing well and staying warm at the start of this holiday season. As the year is wrapping up so is a lot of items for our current projects. Xavier is finishing its last...

Construction Progress

Investor Update Sep. 25th 2018

Hello SDB Friends! There has been a lot of progress going along all of Sustainable Design Build's projects as the Summer came to a close for 2018! 1265 Xavier, is finishing up the last pieces to the exterior trim items making its street appearance that...