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Why You Need To Permit Your Remodel

Why do you need a permit for your remodel? There are many reasons why you need to permit your remodel and they are not only essential for performing work on your home but also after. Remodeling, renovating, or finishing your home is a valuable project that can...

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Remodel Finance FHA 203(k)

FHA 203(k) Mortgage Financing There are plenty of options available for homeowners to finance their ideal home renovations. One of which is to finance a Remodel through a FHA 203(k). This loan allows you to buy or refinance a home while simultaneously rolling over...

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How To Finance Your Remodel: HELOC

How to fINANCE YOUR REMODEL: HELOC We have come across many homeowners who have a great vision on how they can improve their homes. Unfortunately, some are unsure about how they can afford their basement remodel, home renovation or new addition. We always want to...

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Initiative 122

Proposal seeks to limit Colorado housing growth with Initiative Many agree that Colorado is having issues updating the roads and infrastructure. The current pace of development has far outpaced the progress made to connect them all which has led to quality of life...

The Construction Industry

Transforming Suburbia

According to Denver Post's Aldo Svaldi, the nation's largest generation is starting to show signs of interest in suburban living. Trading up fast paced downtown styles, Millennials have been recorded to retire to more pragmatic and family-orientated homesteads. At...

The Construction Industry

The Telluride Decision

Andrew Kenney reporting for CPR news covers an article about 20 year old Colorado law which is being set to be lifted. This law, the "Telluride Decision",protects developers from being forced into offering a portion of their new buildings to include a subset of...

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