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Denver Commercial Development Jobs

Are you interested in working with Sustainable Design Build and becoming a part of this great time for construction and development? Denver Commercial Development Jobs are in high demand today as Denver continues to push for more and more construciton in both residential and commercial sectors. Inquire about our available positions and become a part of the SDB Team Today!

Available Positions


Sustainable Design Build is looking to fill the ranks with dedicated and ambitious individuals who want to help build up the city with great construction.

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  • Perform work with Carpenters or Superintendents to do more difficult tasks such as using special equipment and tools.
  • Carpentry experience in interior finishes required.
  • Coordinating and helping general labors complete routine tasks such as loading and unloading materials and preparing / cleaning the work-site.
  • Drivers License and reliable transportation required
  • Physical requirements— Skilled construction labor must perform a multiple of tasks that require extensive physical labor, including lifting, climbing, bending, digging, and operating hand and power tools.
  • Manual ability and coordination—Along with physical strength, applicant should have excellent hand-eye coordination, be able to move his/her hands quickly, and be able to grasp and assemble objects with 2 hands. Many jobs require standing or working from elevation (Ladders, Scaffolds), and construction labor workers must possess multi-limb coordination.
  • Strong comprehension and math skills —It is also important for our skilled construction labor to be very attentive to specifications and safety conditions. Applicants should have a basic understanding of blueprints and work related documents. Good math skills are beneficial for calculating measurements and angles, and determining accurate adjustments for finished products.
  • Building understanding and knowledge—Familiarity with building materials and experience using tools in the construction, demolition and restoration of projects as needed, Skilled construction labors should have experience in using mechanical tools, operating machines, and maintaining equipment.
  • Vision and depth perception—Construction jobs require accuracy and precision. Scanning the project (Tasks) from a distance and details at close range is crucial to identify issue before they become problems . When operating machines, skilled construction labors must be able to see the gauges to make sure everything is functioning properly, and be able to perceive how near or how far to move equipment.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent education level is desired but not required.
  • Open to applicants who do not have a college diploma.
  • Benefits*: 401(k), 401(k) matching, Dental insurance, Health insurance, Life insurance, Paid time off, Vision insurance *waiting period may apply


  • $15 – $25/ hr
Please let us know which position you are interested in.
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