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Steps for Sustainability

Our hope is to find more projects and builds that employ green building practices and incorporate methods that lead the way to a sustainable future. As a company, we will work with clients and their vision for employing options that target:

– Carbon Neutrality (Net Zero) Operations and Practices

– LEED certified Guidelines

– Green Building Materials

– Energy Efficient Designs

Our goal for Sustainability

What’s in a name? A belief, a goal, a way of viewing the world? For Sustainable Design Build, the answer is a resounding yes! Sustainability is a core belief and major focus for Sustainable Design Build so much that it was incorporated into the company’s name. Sustainability doesn’t just refer to green building materials and products, it’s also a commitment. Sustainable Design Build’s General Contractor, Zach McKendry, is a certified Colorado Green Building Professional. He, along with the rest of the SDB’s team, will assist you with analyzing what practices can be used on your project to ensure you make the appropriate decisions.

Community Betterments

As Denver communities grow, the demand for resources, infrastructure, and housing also increases. Sustainable Design Build also recognizes that when adding to existing communities there must be considerations made to the surrounding areas. SDB works with partners in finding solutions that gently ease density and consumption so that neighborhoods are not contrasted by structures that are out of place. Examples of this would be where a new multi-family building will expand existing roads to help with traffic. Or commercial buildings will utilize renewable energy sources to ease the existing load consumption of the neighborhood. All of these considerations and more are made for the betterment of the local community and its residents.

Green Building Practices For Sustainability

Sustainable Design Build will always strive to implement green building practices and design into their projects. Always following the Green Building Ordinance when applicable, construction from the SDB team can include methods to achieve energy reduction goals and lowering the cost of burden to building owners:

  • Green space at grade or on roof
  • On-site renewables
  • Off-site renewables
  • Reduce or eliminate thermal bridging
  • Solar Energy
  • Increased energy efficiency (+12%)
  • Building certifications


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