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Do I Need A Permit for My Remodel?

Do I Need A Permit for My Remodel?

Do I need a permit for my remodel? This is a very common question. Permitting a project can cause some delay and added cost. The inspections take time out of the schedule. Permits cost money and time, and the inspectors may find something that breaks the budget to bring up to code. With all of these concerns why not just do the work and avoid the hassle?

Document Your Home Improvements
Firstly, permitting a project will document the work that you have done. This assures that the work you are paying for is of high enough quality to appease the code. If you plan on adding any square footage, upgrading some components that may need electrical or plumbing service, or repairing a damaged area, the permitting process assures that this work complies with modern building codes and meets the industry standards.

How to avoid a ‘nightmare house’ remodel

How to avoid a ‘nightmare house’ remodel

The nightmare house remodel. You probably have heard of the horror stories where a homeowner faces an onslaught of maintenance and home improvement problems while remodeling. There are plenty of articles that warn of new build ‘nightmare house’ projects that went from bad to worse. Yes, it could happen to you. However, what most people do not realize is that a majority of these items did not instantly appear once a builder stepped on the property. In fact, most times these are pre-existing problems where an older home or already built home was just sitting undisturbed. Uncovering problems in a home is commonplace but there are things you as a homeowner can look out for to make sure you are protected.

Identify the “real” problems of your home

Taking on water
If there is one thing that can literally flood a home remodel with issues, it would be water. Any type of water leak could result in lasting damage that can spread inconvenient ways. Not only that, but the process to add any new construction would also require a homeowner to remediate all damaged areas.

Why hire a Design-Build Firm for your remodel

Why hire a Design-Build Firm for your remodel

Hire a design build for your remodel! Denver design-build companies like Sustainable Design Build are a great option for homeowners. These companies specialize in managing, coordinating, and scheduling every aspect of a construction project. Whether it is new construction or a remodel, these Denver construction companies act as a one-stop-shop.

A design-build offers more services than a single specialized contractor
A design build company is a great option for homeowners looking to complete a home improvement project. If you started planning a new basement, you will have realized there many trades involved with finishing a space. There can be new plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, insulation, drywall install, flooring – just to name a few. Contacting a single subcontractor at a time is an unrealistic way to make progress on your project. Furthermore, if you plan to keep a project on schedule you will have to coordinate subcontractors of varying trades. All of that is a daunting task. A design-build firm does it all for you. Every trade, and then even more.

A Design-Build can help you with larger projects like Basement Remodeling, home renovations, and additions.
This is where a design-build firm would be advantageous to you, the homeowner. Firms such as Sustainable Design Build can operate as a single source of contact to fulfill your vision. Homeowners working with design-build firms will not have to worry about every detail and process. Plan drafting, city approval, permits, materials and order, and hiring subcontractors: a design-build firm will manage all your project from start to finish.