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Sustainable Design Build What is the meaning of design-build

There are many approaches a homeowner or business can take when it comes to construction here in Denver, Colorado. Whether it is for residential building or commercial construction, Denver residents have the choice to subcontract out project work piece by piece over time or work with a general contractor to perform a traditional construction project or Design-build construction. But what are the main differences between these types of construction project management styles? What is the meaning of design-build project management? Sustainable Design Build believes in our process and the benefits residential construction and commercial construction can have. Let’s take a look at these factors of design-build and how they can be right for your project.

Sustainable Design Build What is the meaning of design-build

Traditional Construction Project Management

With traditional construction project management, a lot of the construction project’s coordination is handled by the owner. The owners will have to reach out to different professionals spanning a handful of disciplines. This option requires a lot of time and resources from the owner as they will have to gather their own team to fully bill the project. This includes hiring a general contractor, designer, consultants, engineers, and subcontractors. Often times for residential construction and commercial construction the general contractor will be the first party contacted. From there, the owner can glean the contacts the general contractor has to fill in the missing parties of the construction project. This can be useful but overall there is a possibility for complications in the project through communications, conflicts of interest, and unforeseen circumstances. Traditional construction project management leaves a wide surface for problems to delay and overrun costs. For smaller residential projects, such as single-room remodels this problem can be unlikely but as the scope of construction grows it becomes an unreliable process.

Design Build Construction Project Management

The design-build construction process aims to shrink the surface of possible complications and close the gap on vulnerabilities that can upend a construction project. To do so, design-build operates as a single point of contact for the owner and the design-build contractor facilitates all aspects of the project. At the beginning of the project, the design-build contractor will work with all professionals required to start and finish the project from the beginning. The design and contractor work together, as a team, to provide a unified project scope and highlight any recommendations to the owner. These recommendations are often cultivated from insights found from work experience that have already dealt with similar project complications that arise later on in a timeline. All of this culminates into a unified experience for the owner and is shown an optimal schedule and budget. Best of all, since the design-build contractor is the single point of contact, any changes or problems that come from the project are handled by them, and solutions are announced to the entire team. This solves the problem other owners may have with traditional construction processes where blame-shifting and excuses run rampant. So to answer the question, “what is the meaning of design-build?”, it is a forward-thinking and innovative approach to construction project management that aims to address any possible problems before construction actually begins and effortlessly completes construction once started.

Sustainable Design Build Process Denver Design-build company

Sustainable Design Build’s Design-Build Process

What is the meaning of design-build in terms of benefits?

With a design-build company like Sustainable Design Build, the benefits are in the project a delivery system where traditional construction can typically fail. This means improvements in areas for schedule, construction speed, number of change orders or construction complications, and overall cost of construction. If you are interested in SDB’s Design Build Process, reach out for a free consultation and learn more about the design-build difference.

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