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Following a Denver Report, Colorado employers are adapting with work at home models that will be effective as the pandemic fades.

Remote work will be the new 'norm' and homeowners are remodeling for it remote work distance learning home remodels basement remodeling family life work life grind hustle

Remote Work and Distance Learning Gets a Push

Homeowners are remodeling and its because of the pandemic that came into full swing in March. Forcing everyone retreat into their homes, whether they were ready or not. Employers and Schools were forced to implement their virtual offices and remote classrooms ahead of any planned schedule. Despite the initial growing pains, many people have come to prefer remote work. 

What are the benefits of Remote Work and Distance Learning?

Remote work has a few benefits that people are aware of, such as; avoiding a commute or having an easier dress code.

  • Eliminates Daily Commute
  • Easier Dress Code 
  • Lunch at home can be more affordable and convenient
  • A quiet and personal workspace 
  • Home comforts

Sure there are some disadvantages to remote work. Those types of grievances usually falls under categories where persons are sharing a small space or working with limited resources (like the internet). But the overwhelming positives of a remote workspace at home really shine when it equals happier, healthier, and more productive employees. 

Reorganizing or Remodeling your home impacts your adaptability. 

While all of these benefits sound great and leave many wondering why they haven’t started working from home earlier. There are requirements for having a productive workspace. Many homeowners who are already in throes of remote work have probably realized their space hasn’t been optimized for this type of work. The shift for work at home happened so fast that many weren’t or couldn’t prepare. 

Those who were forced to work on couches or with family huddled around in living rooms and kitchens struggle with finding their workflow ‘zen’. Being in a not-so business-like setting was bound to have these detrimental effects.

Reorganizing kitchen counters or emptying out the guest bedroom were the immediate options. However, some homes found the need to complete remodel to create a dedicated space for remote work. A dedicated space can help separate your work life from your home life which both ironically are residing in your home now.

Remodels can add walls to your home

Some times a little separation can go a long way. Building walls and creating a new floorplan and room will give you some separation from the hustle bustle of your home life. This should help you focus on work a little easier.

Organize your home and work life

A dedicated room that can keep business out of the family life (computers, docs, etc.) This might also add some protection for work related documents and material that need to be spared by any unauthorized eyes or hands. A room where you can securely store and find work materials is a necessary element for working from home.

Zoom Rooms are a replacing Guest Bedrooms

Zoom Rooms – to be honest, nobody wants to see your couch, kitchen with half-eaten breakfast, or be blinded by the light from your window. Zoom rooms, as they being labeled now, will give you the space to create a professional looking backdrop for those important meetings. Also, this can help your viewers, by cutting down on possible distractions or interruptions coming from the background. We love them but we also love not hearing them – kids and pets. A designated sound-treated room makes for an unparalleled presentation with an air of professionalism.

Homeowners are remodeling for Alone Time

Just because you are home does not mean you are open to be bothered with. There are many who thrive in being alone while focusing on tasks. Just like the previous point of having separation, it is amazing what an added door can do especially when it is closed. Alone time to think, meditate, or even relax is not only healthy for productivity but also healthy for a good home life. Homeowners are remodeling with this in mind.

Homeowners are Remodeling for the future market

This makes sense to those who realize that this shift in daily life will likely stick around for years to come. The return of the home office has become one of the top trending home amenities that are desired in 2020. Recent studies from Real Estate Brokers and trends have shown that an interest in outdated home office tag has become a trending search criteria for those looking to buy. We understand that it will be some time before things loosen up and ‘go back to normal’, but until then it is best to have yourself prepared with a home that can handle it.

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