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March must have been a busy month for the City and County of Denver, especially for their Community Planning and Development Services Department. The average plan review time for any Major Residential Project almost reached 400 days, meaning homeowners could expect around 13 months before obtaining building permits for projects like home additions or renovations. While Denver didn’t break its own record, it came close with 391 days noted on March 20th, 2024. As of publishing, Denver seems to have improved, bringing the average down to a stable 354 days. This delay can be attributed to a surge in renovation projects following the 2019 remodeling boom, coupled with a shortage of staff. Despite improvements, the process remains somewhat unpredictable. If you’re planning construction in Denver, consider partnering with Sustainable Design Build, a firm specializing in architecture, engineering, and project management, to streamline the process and ensure a smoother, more eco-friendly construction experience.

Lasting Effects of the Home Remodeling Boom

The home remodeling boom that followed 2019 saw a significant surge in renovation projects across various segments of the housing market. Fueled by a combination of low interest rates, increased home equity, and changing lifestyle preferences, homeowners embarked on a spree of upgrades and renovations to modernize their living spaces. This trend was particularly pronounced in areas such as kitchen and bathroom remodels, where homeowners sought to enhance functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, the rise of remote work and the desire for more comfortable living environments spurred investments in home offices, outdoor living spaces, and energy-efficient upgrades. Overall, the remodeling boom reflected a shift towards personalized, sustainable, and technologically advanced homes tailored to the evolving needs of homeowners.

Denver’s Development Team Suffered

For an extended period of time, the Plan Review Department in Denver faced a tough time due to not having enough staff and too many plans being submitted. This caused delays and backlogs in reviewing building plans. With fewer employees available to handle the workload, the department struggled to keep up with the high volume of submissions from developers, architects, and builders. As a result, the wait times for getting plans approved became much longer, causing frustration among those waiting for their projects to move forward. The shortage of staff also made it difficult for the department to provide adequate support and assistance to those navigating the plan approval process.

Plan Review Times are Volatile but Have Improved

In recent times, Denver’s Plan Review Department has shown notable improvements in reducing wait times for reviewing building plans, providing a sigh of relief for contractors, builders, and property owners. However, the situation remains somewhat unpredictable and volatile. While efforts have been made to streamline the process, there are still challenges, particularly regarding the accuracy of the tools used to determine average plan review times. This lack of precision leaves general contractors, builders, and property owners uncertain about what to expect, leading to confusion and frustration. Despite the progress made, there is a continued need for more reliable and transparent methods to establish realistic expectations and enhance efficiency within the department.

How a Design Build Firm can help you build in Denver

For homeowners or property owners planning construction in Denver, partnering with Sustainable Design Build, a reputable Design Build Firm, can provide an all-in-one solution for architecture, engineering, and sub-contractors, streamlining the process significantly. Start by researching and selecting Sustainable Design Build with a proven track record and expertise in navigating local regulations and permitting procedures set by the Denver Plan Review Department. This firm will handle all aspects of your project, including correspondence with city officials and project management, ensuring a smoother and more efficient construction process. Additionally, Sustainable Design Build specializes in incorporating sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices into their projects, providing you with the opportunity to create a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient home. Maintain open communication with Sustainable Design Build throughout the project, and collaborate closely to address any issues promptly. By leveraging the expertise of Sustainable Design Build, you can mitigate potential delays and ensure that your construction project progresses as smoothly and sustainably as possible.

If you’re planning construction in Denver, you should know that the city’s review process for building projects has been slow, almost hitting 400 days for residential projects. This delay is partly due to a surge in renovations after 2019 and a shortage of staff. While there have been some improvements, it’s still unpredictable. Consider partnering with Sustainable Design Build, a firm that can handle everything from permits to project management efficiently, making your construction process smoother and more eco-friendly.

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