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Denver sets goals for all-electric construction in new homes and buildings

Sustainability and cleanliness go hand in hand, which includes our ability to have sustainable clean air. Environmental damages from the construction industry ultimately affect our surroundings. Air pollution can be reduced when businesses apply green building practices or follow recommended environmentally safe work ethics. There is still a long way to go for complete 100% sustainable construction practices to be the industry norm and that also means we all are still on the path to a cleaner environment. Our air quality does not go unaffected by that fact either, which is why we as a sustainable design-build firm have seen an increase in interest in stronger air cleaning solutions for homes and businesses. It seems beyond the scope of a greener planet to combat air pollution another factor that has pushed this health-centric to remodel and home improvement need, airborne viruses, and pathogens.

Air cleaners, HVAC filters, and air purification systems have been growing in interest for both businesses and homeowners. Since it has been identified that it is possible for viruses such as the coronavirus to airborne, air cleaning and filtration have been seen to be effective against the spread of containments. Using a portable air cleaner has been the common remedy for many but many are realizing how affordable and effective installed air cleaning systems for HVAC are. providing improved indoor air quality that is safer, cleaner, and pathogen-free.

Clearing the air about HVAC Filters

Standard HVAC filters installed on your furnace are designed to filter the air throughout your home, however, they are not equipped to handle most airborne contaminants like micro debris, viruses, and bacteria. Pollutants, dust, dander, pollen, smoke, and even pathogens like mold, viruses, and bacteria can all be present in the air we breathe. And by spending more time indoors, everyone is more likely to be affected by their own home’s air quality. With that in mind, homeowners and businesses alike are seeking options to better purify and have sustainable clean air for their safety.

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Air filters that are designed to trap coronavirus

Even restaurants have been installing new air filters into the HVAC systems that are meant to tap virus particles and molecules. Business owners, patrons, and homeowners alike are all conscious about the effects of being in closed spaces with each other. In order to make their environment safer, business owners for restaurants have put in place extra systems to clean the air that paces through ventilation. 

“We have to convince people that restaurants are safe”

Through technology similar to what we see with smaller household air purifiers, restaurants, and other participating businesses have cleaner safer air. The response of how effective and affordable these add-ons are has inspired homeowners to treat themselves as well and install these units to aid their own existing HVAC.

    Denver sets goals for all-electric construction in new homes and buildings (2)

    GPS Ionization System Reduces +90% pathogens in the air

    Ions are a powerful tool in air purification and filtration. That is why we see the technology so commonly used with the likes of Dyson and Honeywell, etc. Ions are naturally occurring particles that contain electromagnetic charges. When used correctly, particles can be drawn to these ions and bind into them through what is called agglomeration. Over time these particles become bigger as more bind together which results in your standard filter being more effective. Simulation testing with GPS Ionization Air Filters measured in-air inactivation of pathogens shows a greatly marked decrease in particles. Human Coronavirus saw that within 60 minutes of the air filtration system working that a rate of reduction of 99.0%. In actual field testing, and specifically design air filtration system can isolate pathogens 64-99% in a day and remove them. Local HVAC contractor’s like Fox Heating and Cooling are among the next wave of adopters who are trying to provide clean and safe air solutions to businesses and homeowners.

    Cleaner air is a Sustainability End-Goal that you don’t have to wait for

    A greener and more pollutant-free environment is the end-goal for sustainability. The benefits of this are obviously cleaner and healthier air. Fortunately, we do not have to wait for those benefits to come to us. While we all do our part to become more environmentally sustainable we can have these air cleaning technologies in our own homes and reap the health benefits immediately. We can have sustainable clean air solutions for our homes while we work towards a cleaner future.

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