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As Metro Denver and the nation continues to adjust and adapt to the new normal during the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans have been confined to their homes. Entire families have been forced to convert kitchen tables to online classrooms, living rooms to workout rooms, and extra bedrooms into home offices. During this current pandemic, smaller homes of the past 10 years are not delivering on what people need today. People need more space. Therefore,  many are finding themselves in the middle of a remodel for their home.

Social distancing guidelines and health advisories are still in large effect which continues to shape the daily lives of everyone. This, coupled with the fact that companies are continuing to reduce their office workforce and implementing more telecommuting and work-from-home policies, people are looking to adapt and make the most out of their home situation. For some, this means creating a unique space for themselves that attends to all the amenities they once had from a business office.

A Home OfFIce is More Professional

Working from home typically gives an air for being more casual and laid-back than a traditional office. This is true, however, to set oneself apart from the others in appearance, creating a designated workspace within your home is essential. “[T]hanks to another pandemic office staple, the video conferencing platform Zoom, we’re able to change our actual background to what appears to be a much nicer office during video meetings.” Elizabeth Yuko, writer for Bloomberg reports. But with the increasing frequency of use, homeowners are biased to have a more permanent solution to create a space designed for them. Spending a work day in a less-than-ideal office setup could lead to less productivity, physical discomfort or even injuries. Having a designated space also ensures homeowners can actually perform their work at home.

remodel your life sustainable design build home office covid denver productivity
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Real EState agents see home ofFICES as a Selling Point

Real Estate agents will always be at the forefront of understanding lifestyle trends by way of finding amenities for potential buyers. With the increased demand for telecommuting, a home office is one of the hottest details to make a listing appealing. “Affluent teleworkers are spending six figures installing high-end home offices,” according to Elizabeth Yuko, a writer at Bloomberg. Yuko goes on to mention how many Americans are being made to reconsider the use and function of their homes. Young urbanites have to get creative with their limited spaces while most smaller suburban homes are forcing themselves to adopt the kitchen counter or table. There is a clear uptick in interest for certain types of homes, ones that have dedicated workspace, or an extra bedroom that can be converted into one.


Besides the home office, many homeowners can realize the value of flex space. Richard Marini’s article cites that architects predict, “While it is possible to build walls and hang doors to partition off spaces, it doesn’t seem to be happening very widely. Instead, the flex space may be the answer.” Flex Spaces, traditionally, a term to describe loosely zoned buildings is now a concept homeowners are seeking to adopt. A home office located in a repurposed bedroom could be outfitted with an easy-to-move desk so it can quickly be converted back to a bedroom for weekend guests. Additionally, those of whom have kids will most likely find a great use for their flex space when the school year resumes. Nearly all of the schools across the States have moved a majority of classes to online platforms or offering it as an option for students. These spaces can be used to create safe and convenient learning environments for families.


The current pandemic has definitely changed the relationship workers have with their offices. It has changed how people use the space within their homes and has left homeowners needing more space! Remodeling rooms, finishing basements, or perhaps building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can all help to alleviate some of the restrictions of spaces that may now be too confined. Regardless of the size of a potential remodel project, the utility of these new spaces or adaptations must facilitate more functional space for people and families spending more time at home. Furthermore, making investments in your home increases the value of your property while simultaneously helping to alleviate some of the stresses that have been induced by having more members of the family home more often.

A sustainable design build denver -based company can be a great place to start planning and budgeting your new home office space.

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