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 More than 1,400 homes have been approved for rezoning to allow ADU construction in Denver

Denver ADU Construction 

What is an ADU you might ask? An ADU is just short for an Accessory Dwelling Unit. There are many other names for these types of structures such as “mother-in-law suit”; “granny flat”; “casita”; “backyard cottage”; a “carriage house”. Regardless of what you call it, allowing ADU’s in Denver to be built allows more density and is considered to be a way to provide more housing options in the housing shortage crisis Denver has been experiencing for quite some time now. 

Chaffee Park ADU Rezoning 

On September 16th, 2020, Denver’s Planning Board approved a re-zoning proposal for the Northwest Denver Neighborhood of Chaffee Park. This approval puts the proposal one step closer to becoming a zoning reality. The next step is for the proposal to move onto the City Council‘s Land Use, Transportation and Infrastructure committee. If approved by that committee, the proposal will move forward to a full city council vote. This proposal could rezone an entire neighborhood for the first time and cost the residents no money at all! Typically, each rezoning application costs a homeowner $1,000 each time. Council Woman Amanda Sandoval has been working hard for the constituents of her district to make building ADUs allowed. In a letter she wrote, she said ADUs will help in “increasing housing affordability and providing financial stability for residents of Denver.”

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According to the Denver Public Library, the current boundaries of the Chaffee Park Neighborhood include the area from 38th to Interstate I-70 and Inca Street to Federal Blvd. More than 1,400 single family homes are in the Chaffee Park Denver Neighborhood.

In addition to the benefits listed on Chaffee Park’s Registered Neighborhood Organizations lists several benefits about granny flats, https://www.chaffeepark.org/adu, but in addition, here are a few more. 

Additional Benefits of an ADU in Denver

  • Increase Property Value: A recent University of Oregon study showed that an ADU can increase the value of your property more than 20% over a traditional full home remodel. 
  • Rental Income:  One of the most sought after benefits of an ADU is the ability to rent it out and generate a steady monthly income. You can also increase your potential cash flow by renting your ADU out as a short term rental.
  • Low Environmental Impact: ADUs are likely to have a low environmental impact compared to other dwellings. ADUs are typically “infill” development, increasing density in existing neighborhoods. Increased density is arguably connected to higher transit use and lower energy use (Brownstone and Golob 2009).

Is it time to build your adu in denver?

With rates at historic lows and real estate prices at all time highs in the Denver Metro, now is really the best time to start planning your accessory dwelling. ADU’s provide financial security as a hedge against inflation and increasing equity. So, if you have ever considered a casita, granny flat, or carriage house might be right for you, start by reaching out to Sustainable Design Build. They have an end-to-end process that includes site evaluation, design, permitting, and construction. It’s a one stop-shop for getting your project off the ground.



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