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The terms, luxury custom home building, and budget, don’t often go together in the same sentence or for this matter the same project. But they aren’t necessarily incompatible. Very rarely will a custom home project come along where money is no object and an infinite budget is allowed. This is why when building a luxury home some alternatives to the design and/or material just make sense. So maybe the budget isn’t the correct term, but instead ‘cost-efficient’ is better suited. Let’s take a look at some good ideas on how to save money during a home remodel.

An Alternative To Exposed Beams

It is natural to want to incorporate top-tier materials and design choices for a luxury home remodeling project. Some expenses just make sense; like having high-quality hard surfaces for your countertops or bathrooms. Those will ensure a clean and beautiful look that can withstand actual usage. But what about fancy design ideas that are out of reach? Exposed wooden beams are a gorgeous aesthetic choice for any home. However, they are rarely needed if the home is already engineered with the necessary structural requirements. So instead of going for the complete re-engineering of your load-bearing pillars for your home, why not install a more decorative option? Box Beams happen to be just the solution, to present a more cost-effective embellishment than using solid timber beams. Many tend to come finished which helps cut down on labor compared to solid timber. Embellishing a ceiling with wood beams adds character and more space but let’s be honest, no one is going to know if they are solid timber beams or not.

Refrain from Retaining Walls

Working with a good architect and engineer is part of a home remodel project, but making sure they are operating with the most efficient designs requires a more experienced eye, at least one that has had boots on the ground. A General Contractor-led Design-Build firm (Like Sustainable Design Build) can help identify areas of a project that can save money. One example, cutting down on over-engineering pre-existing site conditions, such as limiting retaining walls. Masonry costs can rise fast, including materials and labor. If your retaining wall is over three feet tall, you’ll need an engineer along with your landscaper, adding to expenses. Try grading the slope to reduce or avoid the need for walls. If you must have walls, keep them under three feet for savings and better aesthetics as plants grow.

Standard For Windows

In more luxury-type homes and remodels, windows are one of the quickest ways to increase cost. Trying to fit floor-to-ceiling windows or grand wide steel framed windows can be extremely expensive. Choosing standard-sized windows with boxed corners can help control your window expenses. Fortunately, many manufacturers now provide a broader selection of standard window sizes and styles, offering increased design flexibility.

Cut Down on Masonry 

If you admire the appearance of exterior stonework but aim to save on costs, there’s still a way to achieve a comparable aesthetic for less. Have your General Contactor and architect install it strategically, concentrating on the areas that have the greatest visual impact. Putting it on the front of the house for better curb appeal or in the back patio it can help enhance the space. Also, instead of full-service brickwork, try suggesting materials like thin brick which can help cut down on both cost and labor.

Custom Cabinetry Where It Counts

Custom-crafted cabinets tailored to suit your interiors are unmatched in appeal. However, being among the priciest interior elements, they often cause surprise when reviewing quotes. For instance, in kitchen projects, cabinets typically consume around 30 percent of the budget, with even higher costs for custom designs.

To economize on cabinetry expenses, prioritize custom options for the kitchen, where they are most frequently used and seen by you and your guests. Semi-custom or stock cabinets present viable, lower-cost options for areas such as bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms.

Work With an Experienced Builder

Engaging a reputable builder early on offers another advantage. A collaborative architect-builder duo can optimize value during the design phase, preempting costly redesigns or change orders during construction. Sustainable Design Build offers that benefit by being a GC-Led Design Build firm that puts construction experience first, keeping costly design choices down. Learn about the design-build process and experience a higher level of service and communication today!

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