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Lookout pet owners it seems a new bill is on its way that can affect your furry little friends. Denver will consider new legislation that would effectively ban pet rent fees and deposits. The bill is titled Pet Animal Ownership In Housing under bill number HB23-1068. The bill is drafted as a way to provide several protections for pet ownership in housing. The summary is stated on Colorado’s General Assembly webpage:

Concerning pet animal ownership in housing, and, in connection therewith, prohibiting restrictions on dog breeds for obtaining homeowner’s insurance, providing for the manner in which pet animals are handled when a writ of restitution is executed, prohibiting security deposits or rent for pet animals, creating the pet-friendly landlord damage mitigation program, excluding pet animals from personal property liens, and requiring that pet animals be allowed at a qualified development for the development to receive the Colorado affordable housing tax credit.

If the bill is passed, the following would happen:

  • Prohibit homeowner insurance providers from changing policy premiums based on the breed of dog
  • Prohibit landlords from charging an additional security deposit or rent amount for pets
  • Require officers conducting an eviction to follow specific protocols when pets are present
  • Exclude pets from the personal items against which a landlord can place a lien for unpaid rent

The bill would still compensate landlords for the damage caused by pets by creating the Pet-Friendly Landlord Damage Mitigation program. The program would reimburse landlords for up to $1,000 in damages caused by a pet at a rental property.

An eligible landlord must allow pets and cannot charge a deposit or rent on pets. Reimbursements would be granted on a first-come, first-served basis after a landlord provides documentation of the damages. The reimbursement also prohibits landlords from taking legal action against the tenant or pursuing collection against the tenant.

The bill is being heard by the Transportation, Housing, and Local Government committee on Tuesday.

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