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How Denver Residents can Save money on Earth Day - Sustainable Design Build

Earth Day is here and we are reminded just how precious and important our environment is. While not everyone has to be a tree-hugger or an eco-nut, it doesn’t much effort to make simple but impactful decisions for the benefit of the environment. In fact, some Denver residents can see some greenbacks in their wallets for their time. Sustainable Design Build loves having a sustainable eco-friendly mindset, so here are a few ways Denver homes can save some money when going green this Earth Day following this article by 5280.

Recycle Your Refridgerator with Xcel Energy

Swapping out an old or defunct refrigerator can be a straightforward process, but instead of calling in a trash removal company to dump the unit in a landfill – try calling Xcel Energy instead. Xcel Energy actually offers a Refrigerator Recycling program that will give homeowners a $50 rebate. Not only will Xcel give money for the old fridge, they wil also pick it up for free. 

Appliances that go straight to a landfill run the risk of contaminating the ground and groundwater with hazardous chemical and materials. Refrigerators are good examples of this due to their use of refrigerant chemicals. Making sure hazardous materials aren’t left in the landfill is a good way residents can do their part in being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Get WaterSense-certified toilets

Denver has always been conscious about water conservation, as technology gets better, that goal becomes much easier to achieve. For example, something that can be implemented today will save more tomorrow is a home’s toilet. Denver Water is offering residents the opportunity to update their old toilets with WaterSense-certified toilets. These newer units claim to use 1.1 gallons less per flush (approximately a half gallon less than the federal standard). Will the offered $100 won’t offset the cost of a new high-efficiency toilet right away the cost savings in utilities will make up for it in a year. The more efficient toilets will save a family an average of $140 or more on the annual water bill.

If a homeowner is renovating and remodeling their home, it might be time install a new throne for the bathroom. With potential cost savings in the future and the rebate by Denver Water, it may be an easy idea to complete for eco-friendly moves.

Swap out your mower for an electric one

The classic weekend chore, mowing the lawn, can also be an opportunity this Earth Day to help save the environment and your cash. In the pursuit for homes to reduce their carbon footprint and emissions, replacing a gas-powered lawn mower may not be the first item on the list. However, the Regional Air Quality Council of Colorado will give a $150 voucher for a new electric mower after dropping off an old mower at an approved recycling center. 

Cycle to work and get paid

Riding a bicycle to work has dual benefits – it is environmentally friendly and helps prevent back sweat. To stay dry during your commute, you can take advantage of Denver’s e-bike rebate vouchers, which have been utilized by over 4,700 Coloradans. The value of these vouchers ranges from $300 to $1,400, depending on your income level and the type of electric bike you purchase.

Solar Powered Tax Breaks

Energy Sage, an online marketplace for solar energy installations, has estimated that the cost of solar panels in Denver ranges from $13,557 to $18,342. In addition to the 30 percent tax credit offered by the federal government, there’s another incentive to consider: you can earn credits on your utility bill when your solar system generates more energy than you consume.

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