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Business Insider Sustainable Design Build Denver Custom Homes

As seen in the Business Insider article, Sustainable Design Build is providing a Full Suite Design Build Service that guides prospective clients through the incredibly nuanced and complex construction process of Denver with less hassle and more respect.

Denver residents who want to enhance or construct their homes can turn to Sustainable Design Build (SDB) and take advantage of their Full Service Design Build service. SDB puts sustainable and eco-friendly practices at the forefront of its construction and renovation process, starting from the initial design phase to the final build. They work closely with clients to create homes or buildings that meet their needs while minimizing their environmental impact.

The Design-Build Process is a higher-level service

What makes Sustainable Design Build’s Full Service Design Build process so unique is the level of involvement SDB has in the project through all stages of a project. Through design, permitting, construction, and beyond SDB will be able to oversee and manage the project. This gives SDB’s clients an immense amount of freedom by sparing them with the nuanced and confusing landscape that is Denver’s own construction industry. 

What is even more important, SDB is able to convey accurately and transparently what is occurring with a project at any time. This gives clients a stress-free and streamlined construction experience to build their future dream custom home. As opposed to handling all the design and permitting aspects themselves and then handing off the construction to General Contractors (the traditional home construction method), clients can fully rely on SDB to handle their projects from start to finish. 

Full-Service Design Build Process

Before starting the Full Service Service Design Build process, SDB staff works with the clients to identify goals, set expectations, and find motivations for their construction projects. Everyone who approaches SDB with their project will quickly discover the depth and attention to detail packaged in the design-build service. At every stage and step, clients will be updated and in the know regarding their project’s timeline, cost, and stage.

Rough Cost Estimate and Design

After a thorough interview and walkthrough process Sustainable Design Build will begin the permitting, design, and estimation process. They visualize expectations, estimate costs, and honestly communicate what services are feasible within the budget. This initial review will provide clients with a rough cost estimate which will set the stage for the project. SDB will provide multiple iterations of a cost estimate during the design phase which will last all the way through permitting until construction starts. During the design phase, a permit is submitted to the city of Denver to ensure compliance with zoning restrictions and building code requirements, which is crucial to avoid derailing the project later on.

Schematic and Permitting

After the initial permit submittal, it is expected the City of Denver to return the plans with comments and concerns. This review process can be very tedious and lengthy which heavily affects a project’s timeline. SDB is fortunately extremely well-versed in Denver’s plan review process and quickly addresses these comments. This process will create revisions that will ensure the project is up to code and also allows SDB to accurately update the project budget with a schematic estimate

Finishes and Custom Home Visions

While the permit is being reviewed, SDB offers materials within the customer’s price range for them to choose from. Decisions on these materials, combined with the construction plans, are used to draft blueprints, calculate building requirements, and seek assistance from consultants. This will ultimately lead to the finishes estimate which will give clients a near-final estimate of the construction cost for their project. The permit is approved shortly before construction begins as long as the customer is satisfied with the plan.

Construction by a Design Build Company

Building time depends on the extent of the work, but SDB strives to deliver a high return on investment, increased real estate value, and an efficient experience. As a general contractor firm, SDB has more control over the construction budget, allowing them to respect financial limits and fulfill their customers’ dreams.

SDB’s founding members combine the experience of a fourth-generation General Contractor and a real estate broker of 13 years to create a better construction experience for clients. Prior to co-founding SDB in 2016, the owners worked together renovating houses and selling them on the market, giving them firsthand knowledge of how important it is to keep the design phase realistic to stay within a budget. Their experiences performing development work in Denver inform their customers’ experience today.

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