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Grant Street Denver Colorado Custom Home Finishes Home Addition Kitchen Remodel

Our Grant Street home addition project is coming around just nicely and is projected to be finished this Summer. The client has chosen some very nice custom home finishes for the project and Sustainable Design Build can’t wait to share them. So here is a sneak peek of the custom home project building an addition.

Stairs and Railings are amazing custom home finishes

Throughout the Grant Street project, you will notice lovely staircases and railings adorning the highly trafficked areas in the back of the house. Staircases and the railings can be a great opportunity to show off custom home finishes that match your home aesthetic. These finishes can be tricky to choose as well though. For Grant street, the stairwells are compact and put in the back of the home which means open space and lighting is needed. The clients chose railings that have stringer posts going diagonally or horizontally. Atop these stringers are handrails that cap the metalwork with dark natural wood. This creates a dramatic stairwell that contrasts the beige white wall paint while also coordinating with the wooden floor finishes.


Grant Street Custom Home Finishes Stairs and Railings home addition denver colorado

Gold Hardware Custom Home Finishes

The client chose very clean and modern finishes for their bathroom, cabinetry, and hardware. The new bathroom has an outstanding navy blue vanity that stands uniquely on top of a large tile floor. You will notice the clients asked for gold hardware on this vanity, not only does this look great with the color selection but it also connects with the home’s new kitchen cabinetry! The use of small custom home finishes like universally used cabinet and door hardware creates a unifying element to the home.


Gold Hardware Grant Street Custom home finishes Denver Colorado bathroom remodel blue vanity with gold hardware
Grant street home addition custom home finishes gold hardware doors

Brick and Hardwood Choices

The client wanted to make sure that the flooring was a contrasting element in the home. Therefore, they chose to install hardwood flooring that was dark in appearance. This choice combined with the bright off-white paint color that was used on the custom home’s walls really stands out. We can even see their decisions on transition areas that contain the original brick of the home. For the access area to the basement, the room is brightened with the off-white paint color on the walls even over the brick. Alternatively, the opposite side of the same wall remains the original brick color which gives a unique feel to the dining room where it resides.

home addition custom home finishes grant street colorado sustainable design build brick

Custom Home Finishes for Every PRoject

Residential construction projects like this Grant Street home addition all have the opportunity to rise above the standard builder-grade material. That also includes incorporating the finer things in life such as custom home finishes like we see here. The clients worked Sustainable Design Build’s team to make sure throughout the design and construction process the correct finishes will work with the final result. That is just one of the many benefits working with a design-build firm that operates as a single point of contact for construction, ease of access to getting what you want. Find out more on how Sustainable Design Build can be the best choice for your custom home or home addition project.

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