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Sustainable Design Build was rooting Hempline Insulation this year in the Coolest Thing in Colorado but we are all equally happy to see to award go to SunSpring! The Coolest Thing in Colorado is a contest that showcases nifty and exciting inventions that offer a great use-case to society. SDB being all about sustainability is in complete support of this rallying event. Innovative Water Technologies in Rocky Ford brought forward the SunSpring Hybrid Purification system and won!

This water purification system is self-contained and portable, it is also powered by wind and solar energy. It’s function? To provide safe drinking water locally and in developing countries all over the world:

  • It’s currently used in 38 countries; it can be found in schools and hospitals; and it’s used for humanitarian projects, according to a release from the Chamber.
  • The system can produce up to 20,000 liters per day for 10 years.

People’s choice from sustainability to quirky

This year, The Coolest Thing in Colorado had a plentiful amount of participants, the finalists to choose from were:

  • ACES Ejection Seat
  • Beer Darts Set
  • Handmade Skis
  • Hempline Insulation
  • Marble Vodka
  • Point Digit Prosthetic Finger
  • Portable Shower
  • A portable solar-powered water purification system
  • Vertebrae tethering system for non-fusion option back surgery
  • Wad-Free device for washing bedsheets

Hempline Insulation By Hemp Building Company

Eric Milburn had the opportunity to work on a home that used an innovative hemp-based insulation product. Hempline Insulation is a bio composite insulation that helps create high-performance, sustainable buildings by replacing all components in conventional walls, floors, and roofs! The insulation is composed of hemp hurd and limestone which helps create high-performance sustainable buildings. According to the company, Hemplime homes are carbon negative because the relatively small amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the creation of the materials is greatly outweighed by the CO2 that is absorbed by the material and locked away within the walls.

Always seeking sustainable solutions

Sustainable Design Build is always looking for new opportunities to utilize sustainable products and technologies in projects. This is why the team couldn’t be more proud of one of our members supporting this product. If you have the same passion and aspirations for a more sustainable solution, head on over to the Chamber of Commerce website to place a vote for Hempline Inuslation.

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