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Sustainable Building Practices In Action

Sustainable Design Build isn’t just a catchy name that was chosen for this company to operate under. No, it was chosen because it represents our goals, hopes, and mission for sustainable building and construction in Denver. That includes sustainable building practices, sustainable building materials, and sustainable housing in terms of the housing market. All of it. Recently, on one of our latest custom home projects over on Perry street of Denver, Colorado we had the privilege of demolishing a structure to make way for new construction. The great thing about this particular instance is that we were able to save some recyclable debris. Learn a little more about how we did that and how you can too if you want to work with us on your next custom home construction project.

Sustainable Building Practice: Diverting waste to be recycled

Not every general contractor or construction company can put resources towards sustainable design and building methods. Sustainable construction is time-consuming and can often be more expensive than normal. However, the benefits of these methods and practices are well worth the effort. 

For a project off of Perry Street in Denver, Colorado we were excited to work with a company that prides itself on sustainable demolition or deconstruction. The Perry project required that a large portion of the existing structure be torn down which translated to a lot of building materials that were in relatively good condition being thrown away. But with the sustainable building practices, this subcontractor employed and SDB working together they were able to divert 5,000 lbs of material from the landfill. More accurately, SDB’s client was able to salvage 4,470 lbs of lumber and 260 lbs of metal for recycling!

Take a look at the metrics that were recorded at the end of this project:

Sustainable Building Practices In Action Perks Deconstruction Denver

Sustainable Building Mission

SDB loves working with sustainable and environmentally focused companies. To be a good steward and resident of the Denver Metro Neighborhoods, SDB wants to make sure recycling is an option for clients. For more information on how your home construction project can be more sustainable with SDB and our contractors, we partner with contact us any time!

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