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Denver Approves Sustainable Ordinance for New Commercial Construction Denver Colorado commercial construction

According to the article found with Mille High CRE, Denver City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that will require energy performance and greenhouse gas emissions reductions in existing and new commercial construction buildings. This ordinance will require utilities of these large commercial buildings to move towards electrification rather than natural gas utilities. 

New commercial construction and multifamily buildings in Denver account for 49% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions. Denver has its sights set on 2040 as a goal to reduce emissions and reach net-zero energy usage.

The decision made on November 11th marks an important step for Denver’s efforts to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The policy aims to bring a practical solution to existing and future commercial construction developments. The leaders of this new ordinance are from the Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resilience (CASR).

This ordinance requires new commercial construction buildings larger than 25,000 square feet to get to 30% energy savings by 2030. Interim goals for 2024  and 2027 are set to advance progress. The ordinance also requires a gradual adoption of electric heating and cooling systems to replace gas systems when cost-effective.


Having this new ordinance is giving hope to the built processes of the city’s development of greener and more sustainable buildings.

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