Hello and good day SDB friends!

We hope you are enjoying the change of seasons as the weather is starting to cool even more in Denver. We have some really great progress to note for all of our projects being build in the West Colfax neighborhood.

We have just broken ground at a new location, 1374 N. Yates, which is on it’s way to becoming a 4-plex townhome! The excavation was carried out smoothly and we are finishing up the install of the sewer and water. Starting tomorrow as well, we will start drilling in the lot for the foundation caissons. We are very excited about working on this project!

Also, 1265 Xavier has made serious improvements. All the finish trades so far have been making great progress. The hardwood floors are complete and tile is in the final unit for bathroom tile install. Cabinetry has also begun its setup in Xavier’s kitchens and baths. Following that, we will see countertops and the finish plumbing. On the exterior, we can see how wonderful the metal panel systems have turned out giving Xavier a wonderful modern aesthetic.

In addition, we have put units of 1265 Xavier up on listing for sale, we have had showings and everything looks promising to find their new homeowners! See the link below for more details.


These have been great steps forward for Sustainable Design Build and we can not wait to see the finished product of everyone’s hard work. Until next time, have a great rest of your week!

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