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Hello SDB Family,

It’s time for another update on Sustainable Design Build’s projects!

1254 Perry is still making its way through the interior finishes as we speak. Hardwood floors have been set in the north building along with cabinets and countertops. Because of this, we are having the interior trim follow closely behind and working on the south building as well. SDB’s painters are prepping the first couple units and already started painting the interior of the north building! Outside of the building, we have trenched for utilities and laid lines for electricity and gas. This is an important step because once Perry is hooked up to Xcel’s grid we can move on to completing all the exterior finishes; such as exterior painting and landscaping.

Over at 1365 Zenobia, we have our framers on the scene. We have already seen an amazing amount of progress since the framing crew has taken the site a couple weeks ago. You can see that we are already vertical! The first floor and walls have been erected, leading to the team to move on to the 2nd floor’s subfloor. It is exciting to see that much progress done already!

1265 Xavier is still on schedule closely following the same progress as Zenobia’s. Following the pouring of the foundation, the site drains, waterproofing and insulation have been installed. More notably, we have completed the backfill for the site and our plumber is laying down the lines for sewer and water. Once completed, 1265 Xavier will soon have a framing crew on site as well!

Finally, making sure SDB has plenty of builds on the docket, the project over at 1374 Yates is scheduled to get its demo permits in the next coming weeks. Soon, SDB will have its third build for the year started! We have made sure to strive for more this year so that we can grow and produce more properties for the Denver neighborhoods. Of course, we could not have done this much without your support. Thank you again and please stay tuned for another update!