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Hello SDB Family and Friends!

The Summertime weather is upon us and we are ramping up construction on our projects. There has been great progress made on all of our builds because of this!

We are happy to report that 1265 Xavier is flying through its construction currently. The roof membrane has been completed and the remaining windows and exterior doors are being installed. With the building dried in, we have already lined up our electrician to take the site and wire the homes. Our low volt specialist will follow in tow with the electrician and will make way for our insulation crew to begin their work in the following week. Once completed and inspected, this will signal the next phase of the project for interior trades to start. Outside in the back of the lot, the garage foundation has been excavated, drilled and inspected meaning the concrete is poured and curing. Xavier is leading the way as our other builds are following closely.

Over at 1365 Zenobia, we are completing structural additions to the rough framing. When this is completed we will be able to have inspections to move us on to the next phase of construction. The roofing for the build has already been completed as well so we can move to finish the exterior enclosures to fully dry in the building such as windows and exterior doors. Our HVAC techs and plumbers have been amazing as they have already completed their rough in. Next up will be our electric rough-in and insulation, just like Xavier.

1254 Perry, has completed numerous final touches as the units are being readied for their new owners. Rooftop decks have been installed per request of certain residents at units 1246, 1252, and 1256. The fences along each building’s retaining wall have been finished. Importantly, 1254 Perry is passing its final inspections. Both plumbing and mechanical finals have been processed. The electric final inspection for the north building is scheduled for today with the south building’s set to take place the following day. Once those are passed, there will only be a short list of items left for each unit!

As you can see, there is plenty of progress made in all our current projects for SDB to be excited this summer. With 1374 Yates also making notable step forward for building permits to break ground, this is shaping up to be the most productive summer yet for Sustainable Design Build. We can not wait to tell you more updates in the coming weeks, so please stayed tuned for more and have a great rest of your week!