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Happy Friday, SDB Family!

We are back with another progress update for the current builds Sustainable Design Build!

1365 Zenobia continues to impress as the framing crew has made it up the to third floors of the build. Keeping up with that pace, we have installed the first set of staircases to help move around the site. More so, we have poured the concrete garage slabs which should allow the framers build up the detached garages. We are almost to the completion of the rough framing and could not be more thrilled. 1265 Xavier is still keeping its pace is only one step behind the Zenobia build. The framing crew is finishing up the second-floor walls and moving up to the rooftop decks.

1254 Perry, is edging ever closer to the finish. We are seeing the exterior concrete sidewalks being poured out helping lead us into each unit which is completing most of the interior trades. Iron railing along the staircases are still being installed with interior painting completing the last unit. The remaining cabinetry has been installed and countertops have been placed. Appliances are being delivered and hooked up, leaving the townhomes of 1254 Perry feeling closer to a finished home.

The next coming weeks will move fast as we finish the remaining trades to close on Perry’s units and push forward onto more builds. Please stay tuned for when we have more good news to share with you all. Until next, have a great weekend!