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Happy New Year, SDB Family!

We hope you have had a great year overall in 2017 and are excited for the start of another great year. The projects on Perry street are in good positions at the start of this year to be completed and help move SDB forward to creating more homes in the Denver neighborhoods.

1220 Perry, is the final stages of construction. Landscaping and exterior fixtures have been installed. Grass and plants help dress up the concrete sidewalks which lead to the front units and driveways. With just a touch more mulch to be added and then having our fences installed on the side, 1220 Perry’s exterior will be complete. The interior of all units is being finalized as we have a crew working through the punch-list of items paying attention to the necessary detail. The appliances, a/c, and furnaces are hooked up and ready to give all the conveniences homeowners need. As a final touch, 1220 Perry will have a unit staged to provide the perfect presentation to show potential homeowners what it is like to live in one of these great units.

The rough construction work of 1254 Perry is almost complete! Electricians are working the last three units of 1254 Perry and are expecting to call in for inspections by the end of the week. The rough plumbing is moving through the north building and all the while the framing crew is completing the last few tasks before their inspection. Once the final framing inspection is complete, SDB can proceed forward to the next set of trades installing insulation and drywall on the interior of the units. 1254 Perry has really crunched down on its schedule and we are hoping for incredible progress to be made here early in the year.

Our builds at 1265 Xavier and 1365 Zenobia are all lined up and ready to break ground. We have confirmation of building permits on 1365 Zenobia and we expect both builds to be happening nearly simultaneously. This new year will be even busier than the last and we at Sustainable Design Build could not be more excited. Thank you for being with us as we progress forward building up our amazing neighborhoods. Keep in touch for more SDB updates and have a great start to your new year!