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I hope you have had a great week and have been doing well since our last update on Sustainable Deign Build’s progress. 1275 Xavier is almost at the finish line and we are on the last leg of the race for completion. 1220 Perry has essentially hit a midpoint in the project’s development and 1254 Perry is progressing extremely well since its start a couple weeks ago.
1275 Xavier, has received its exterior painting giving it some personality to display from the street. Finishing the outside, the interior painting of the building has already begun. All the interior woodworking trim has been installed and the cabinetry for kitchens and baths are completed. Countertops and Carpet are next on the agenda and we will be seeing that work very soon. Finally, almost completing one of the best aspects of the build, the rooftop decks have been installed on all the units. Which was great, allowing us a great view of demo day, the start of our next project right next door at 1265 Xavier!
Over at 1220 Perry, dry in of both buildings has been completed. This means the roof and walls of the buildings have been set allowing for the remainder of rough-in to be finished. While the sub-contractors are working on the interior, the framing crew will be setting up the siding panels of the buildings. Simultaneously, we are having windows installed! After this point, we will begin installing insulation, doors, and garages. The progress of 1220 Perry is as smooth as ever.
Finally, 1254 Perry has completed its waterproofing and inspections of the concrete foundation. One final step of backfilling and the framing crew will be on site to get the build vertical!
We are making so much progress revitalizing a neighborhood in our home and we couldn’t have done this with our your support. Thank you so much and stay tuned for another update!