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I hope you are having a good week and are ready for another progress update for Sustainable Design Build’s current projects!

Currently, at 1275 Xavier, we have installed our countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms of all units. You can see that we have chosen two different colors for the countertops between the north and south unit which are accented wonderfully by our new coat of interior paint. This brings the kitchens and bathrooms near to completion as we will have fixtures and appliances ready for install.

1220 Perry is still moving forward at a great pace. The remainder of the siding is being completed on the final building which will let our mason install the end cap corners to all buildings. In addition to the exterior wall finishes almost complete, the interior is set to progress to the next stages of development. The electrical wiring is finishing in one last unit and will allow us to get the insulation and drywall subcontractors on site.

Finally, 1254 Perry has our plumber on site to trench and connect the sewer and water lines for the new build. Once completed, we will backfill the lot and get our framing crew to start the rough framing!

Thank you for checking in with our updates at Sustainable Design Build and have great rest of your week!