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Good morning, SDB Family.

We hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving and been having a wonderful week. After a brief break for the holiday, we are back to work finishing 1220 Perry and 1254 Perry.

1220 Perry, is continuing finish work in all the units of 1220 Perry. HVAC, Electricians, and Plumbers are going through one by one adding covers and finish trim to complete all their trades. Also, subcontractors started putting appliances in place along with the final pieces of shower glass and bathroom mirrors. The painting crew has completed painting the exterior of both buildings at Perry. The back alleyway has been replaced by us allowing for updated access to the garage and street. The front walks and steps leading to the street sidewalk have been poured. All of this work finishing work has really made the build more complete aesthetically.  More so, we have started getting electricity hooked up to the units lighting up the homes. It all is coming together quite nicely and we can’t wait to reveal the finished build.

1254 Perry, is nearing the next phase of construction. The exterior paneling and siding nearly completed on both buildings, continuing placing windows as they go. Our roofing contractors have been proficiently laying down our new roof getting our build to dry-in. Because the roof has been going so smoothly we started our electricians to rough out their work in 1254. Also, plumbing and HVAC rough have completed one building already and are finishing up on the other. Expect big steps to happen in the next weeks for 1254 Perry.

Thank you again for tuning in to the construction progress Sustainable Design Build has been conducting and we look forward to telling you more! Have a great rest of your week.