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Good morning, SDB Family.

1220 Perry, has been completing interior finish work one trade at a time in the south building. Interior railings have been installed, adding a sleek modern character to the inside. More interior trim has been installed such as; barn doors, glass shower stalls, sinks, and lighting fixtures. On top of the buildings, rooftop trek decking has been placed giving one of the best attributes for the homes. The exterior of the south building has just been painted showing just how close this build is to completion. The next things on the docket will be constructing a new alleyway, front sidewalk and landscaping. All in all, 1220 Perry is looking more and more like a wonderful home.

1254 Perry, is continuing its exterior siding install, progressively working its way up installing doors and windows as they go. 100% of the north face of the south building has been successfully fitted with exterior panels. In addition, the roofing crew has begun their dry in this week and has completed three units already. The plumbing and HVAC contractors are working in sync with buildings roof dry-in making way for our electrical contractor begin work. 1254 Perry, is making notable progress and we could not be more pleased.

Thank you again for checking in on our progress and we at SDB hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. Until next time!