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Hello SDB Family!

We have exciting news as we get closer to the completion of 1275 Xavier! We will be hosting an open house at 1275 N. Xavier St. Denver, CO 80204. Be sure to stop by from 12 PM to 5 PM this Saturday. Not only will we be showcasing the awaited townhomes of 1275 Xavier but we will also take this opportunity to show 1220 Perry, it’s progress and it’s intended completion.

1275 Xavier is looking wonderful as we are putting on the final polish. The concrete drive for the back alley has been poured and cured, the forms are being placed on the front concrete walks and steps. In a couple days the concrete will be completed we will have the landscaper do his work. We will do a final cleaning of the exterior and interior while conducting walk throughs to make sure everything is in order.

We will be shifting our focus from Xavier to Perry street as both projects, 1220 and 1254, are growing considerably. 1220 Perry, having all of the exterior completed, continues drywall installation in the interior. 1254 Perry’s framing is moving swiftly, structural steel has been placed on the first floor and the framers are already moving to the second levels.

We are moving quickly over here at Sustainable Design Build, and we hope you have enjoyed the updates on the projects you helped create. Be sure to stop by for the open house at Xavier this Saturday and have a great rest of your week!

Thank you,