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Sustainable Design Build Now CERTIFIED Contractor for Epidemic / Pandemic Response During COVID-19

In response to the recent pandemic Sustain able Design Build (SDB) has updated their operations to make their clients and workers safety their highest priority. Sustainable Design Build is taking the necessary steps in accordance with Denver and Colorado’s state orders along with government agencies such as OSHA. Sustainable Design Build has always taken pride in safely delivering all home remodeling services to its clients and community. Continually learning and gaining specialization in our field of expertise is a core fundamental belief of all owners and employees of SDB. So, when CHC Training offered their Epidemic / Pandemic Response Contractor Certification, SDB jumped at the opportunity to elevate its practices in safety during this pandemic and beyond. On April 15th, 2020, Sustainable Design Build’s General Contractor and Project Management staff completed the training and certification course with CHC. SDB’s clients can confidently be assured that it will conduct business to the highest quality and expectations so they can achieve their goals unhindered during this pandemic.

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5 Rules of Social Distancing and Building

We are well underway with Colorado’s Stay-at-Home order and with the recent address from the Governor we can expect this to extend past the original targeted date. For homebuyers and sellers, this may seem like a wrench in the works. But no one should despair as there are plenty of responsible proactive actions we all can take to make sure this pandemic does not stifle our projects. Social distancing offers homeowners and buyers a chance to act proactively towards their next remodel or building with these rules.
The point behind this rule is that you are not idle during the lockdown. You may find yourself with a little extra time on your hands since many services are closed. This is the perfect opportunity for you to exercise all your mental faculties to devise, plan and imagine all the things you would like to do for your home! There are few things as uplifting and encouraging as planning for your future. Take this time to envision your home goals and then start researching on how to achieve them once we all resume.
Were about to make the first steps into homeownership? Or maybe you were looking at remodeling your home? That sounds like you were about to get yourself pre-approved or pre-qualified for a new loan! Getting pre-approved is the one thing that can really set expectations and realistic goals for prospective homeowners. The amazing thing about this step, is that you do not need to meet with anyone in person. You can reach out to lenders over the phone and email to set some time aside. They can gather all the necessary information and you will finally have that budget for a construction loan or that new home. Pre-qualifications are great options.

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Remodel Finance FHA 203(k)

FHA 203(k) Mortgage Financing There are plenty of options available for homeowners to finance their ideal home renovations. One of which is to finance a Remodel through a FHA 203(k). This loan allows you to buy or refinance a home while...

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