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Sustainable Design Build is a fresh-minded development company in Denver, Colorado. We offer excellent returns to our investors because of unique perspective on the market. Where other developers tend to focus on a higher price point, we dedicate our business model to fill the current low inventory niche price of $400K – $500K in the Denver Market. By controlling the entire process from acquisition through entitlement and ultimately yielding a finished build, we cater through a financial lens better than other builders.

Set record price per square foot

On a recent development, Sustainable Design build set a Colfax neighborhood price record by selling units at $397 per square foot.

Units sold $30 OVER projected price

On a recent development, Sustainable Design build units sold at $380 per square foot, $30 more than the projected $350 per square foot price.

Construction Updates

1361 Zenobia Sold

Hello all of Sustainable Design Build Family and Friends! We hope you are enjoying the end of the autumn months as November begins to roll through and onto the holiday season! There is plenty of things to celebrate as the year is slowing coming to close. Of those to...

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Welcoming a new Team Member

Hello all SDB Friends and Family! Wow, this year has flown by and so many changes have happened for us here at Sustainable Design Build. Even so, there are still many new projects to look forward to for the coming month! With more work in line for us we have decided...

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Blog | Differences in Design-Build Methods

Ready to start on your new Home Improvement project? Or maybe you are interested in a full remodel? It is important to know the different methods of how these projects can be delivered to you. Instead of calling multiple contractors and scheduling - let SDB take the...

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