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Learn more about Sustainable Design  Build and why they chose to offer remodeling services in Denver. We have a great team who are licensed and accredited for any job or home project you have. If you want to know more, head on over to our contact form. Or check out our portfolio of professionally completed work.

Zach McKendry

General Contractor | Founder

Zach is a 4th generation contractor native to Colorado. He has worked in and owned several construction companies. Over the last few years, Zach has been specializing in real estate investment and rehabbing single family homes. Afterwards, he completed higher tiered licensing utilizing his solid foundation of industry knowledge. Now, Zach oversees the construction process from start to finish as well as all wholesaling endeavors. He truly prides himself on delivering a product he and his family can be proud of for years to come.

Mike McCarty

Director of Operations | Founder | Realtor | ABR PSA

Mike started his real estate career in 2010 through several investment property acquisitions. While working in the construction industry, Mike’s continued interest in real estate along with his growing rental property portfolio led him to a career shift to real estate, including getting his real estate license. To date, Mike has purchased around 20 properties consisting of condos, houses, rental properties, and lots. His experience as a real estate investor and salesperson laid the foundation for his passion for real estate development. Now, Mike oversees the marketing/advertising of Sustainable Design Build’s projects as well as land acquisition.

Jon Lourash

Project Manager

After overseeing hundreds of stores in the wireless market, Jon has extensive experience in managing multiple moving parts of an organization. Now, transplanted to Colorado, Jon is working with Sustainable Design Build and the General Contractor as a project manager. Utilizing his expertise in management and leadership, Jon succeeds in keeping new builds on track and on time with his goal aligning with Sustainable Design Build to create new homes for this great city of Denver.

Thomas Greiman

Admin Coordinator | Colorado Notary Public

Thomas is the administrative coordinator with the Sustainable Design Build team. His past experience as an operations manager established a solid foundation for his support role within the company. Thomas streamlines company operations, manages external marketing communications and assists all members of Sustainable Design Build.

Remodeling Services

Sustainable Design Build Denver Remodeling Services is committed to providing a worthy home for homeowners by offering quality services to renovate anything and everything. No job is too small or too large for SDB to handle to ensure you have the ideal home.

Return on Investment

Sustainable Design Build seeks to complete projects that are of the best benefit to you! With competitive pricing we make sure are getting the best value for your home project. That also includes professional advice to help discern less attractive projects that might no be reasonable for our clients.

Increase value

Did you know? Home renovations, remodels, additions, etc. It all helps increase your homes value. We can help you identify items beyond your original scope that could further increase your home.


Financing any home project can pose unique challenges because they don’t fit the mold of a conventional home build or remodel.  It takes an experienced broker to navigate the process with creative lending strategies.  Our team of professionals can assist you in building a funding solution to make your project a reality. Our partners will work with you directly to provide the best option for your project.

Company News

We are moving fast. Here are our latest company updates.

Do I Need A Permit for My Remodel?

Do I Need A Permit for My Remodel?

May 29th, 2020. Zachary McKendry, Guest Writer, Owner of Sustainable Design Build Do I need a permit for my remodel? This is a very common question. Permitting a project can cause some delay and added cost. The inspections take time out of the schedule. Permits cost...

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How to avoid a ‘nightmare house’ remodel

How to avoid a ‘nightmare house’ remodel

How to avoid a nightmare house remodel The nightmare house remodel. You probably have heard of the horror stories where a homeowner faces an onslaught of maintenance and home improvement problems while remodeling. There are plenty of articles that warn of new build...

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Why hire a Design-Build Firm for your remodel

Why hire a Design-Build Firm for your remodel

Hire a design build for your remodel! Denver design-build companies like Sustainable Design Build are a great option for homeowners. These companies specialize in managing, coordinating, and scheduling every aspect of a construction project. Whether it is new...

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