Season’s Greetings Sustainable Design Build Friends and Family!

I hope we are all doing well and staying warm at the start of this holiday season. As the year is wrapping up so is a lot of items for our current projects. Xavier is finishing its last major items in each unit and soon will be ready to have homeowners move in. Zenobia is not that far behind as well. Shifting focus for a moment, we are excited to be continuing our latest build at 1374 Yates St.

Yates has made some decent steps forward. The foundation has been outfitted with drainage and insulation. At the same time, we completed the underground utilities which we have recently covered back up to grade from backfill. With all the foundation and groundwork laid out, we are ready to get this build vertical! The four-plex has just had the first floors of the lumber dropped on the site recently. The framers are already working their hardest to build up the walls of these homes. We are hoping the weather behaves for us as we make towards completing the rough framing of these new homes!

Until next time, we hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

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